Tasting Room Crew

Brewhouse Team

Adam Worcester (Co-Owner), Scott Jones (Co-Owner), Jeremy Wirtes (Brewer, Co-Owner) (Left to Right)

Jeremy, was raised by homebrewers and acquired a love for beer after living in Germany for three years. Jeremy has immersed himself in what it takes to make great craft beer, and can be found on any given day constantly tweaking his recipes in the pursuit of perfection.

Adam has spent the last few years as an apprentice of Jeremy’s, learning the craft of brewing and constantly seeking new varieties of beer to sample and critique. Long time friends with both Jeremy and Scott, Adam eventually brought the group together and the spark was lit for the idea behind opening a brewery in their hometown of Richmond, VA.

Scott is a Richmond native and when co-developing the idea for Triple Crossing, RVA made complete sense. The growing city and booming craft beer industry made it a perfect fit. His passion for craft beer and entrepreneurial spirit were primary drivers behind the impetus for opening Triple Crossing Brewing Company.